The Association has a membership 
category designed for anyone not registered under The Real Estate Act, who is an employee, officer of a firm or corporation, or an individual affiliated by vocation with real estate activities, who in the opinion of the Board of Directors is sufficiently interested in the objectives of the Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS® Inc. or the real estate business. 

To Apply for Affiliate Membership contact our Membership Coordinator

The Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS® Inc. does not warrant or guarantee services of these companies. It is recommended consumers rely on independent research to determine which company best serves their needs.

Company Full Name Mobile Phone Email
Associated Appraisal Co. 1990 Dave Lazeski (306) 934-2444
Associated Appraisal Co. 1990 Kevin Kaufmann (306) 227-3251
Associated Appraisal Co. 1990 Lori Sander (306) 260-7122
Associated Appraisal Co. 1990 Doug Jackson (306) 280-4569
Associated Appraisal Co. 1990 David Mceachern (306) 229-9697
Associated Appraisal Co. 1990 Natasha Shore (306) 280-7221
Associated Appraisal Co. 1990 Guy Mumford (306) 229-9531
Atlas Appraisal Services Inc. Gerry Gehlen (780) 874-0404
Atlas Appraisal Services Inc. Wendy Sydoruk
Atlas Appraisal Services Inc. Brenda Gehlen
B. Sullivan Holdings Brady Sullivan (780) 870-4880
Benchmark R.E. Appraisals Pamela Krilow (306) 380-5424
Brunsdon Lawrek & Associates Real Estate Appraisers Don Junor (306) 227-7579
Brunsdon Lawrek & Associates Real Estate Appraisers Sandy Antonini (306) 361-9124
Brunsdon Lawrek & Associates Real Estate Appraisers Kimberly Maber (306) 220-2441
Brunsdon Lawrek & Associates Real Estate Appraisers Feng-Chi Yang (306) 716-9189
Canada Mtge & Housing Corp. Earl Kotlar (306) 975-4924
Canada Mtge & Housing Corp. Suzanne M. Milburn
Canada Mtge & Housing Corp. Goodson Mwale
Darmac Appraisals Roger Wicker (780) 871-4175
Dream Home Appraisal Brian Lucyshyn (306) 717-4317
Dream Home Appraisal Marla Brataschuk (306) 260-1804
Dream Home Appraisal Angel Weber
Dream Home Appraisal Courtney Haggard (306) 227-9238
Dream Home Appraisal Lorne Albertson (306) 227-1122
Dream Home Appraisal Ron Lepage (306) 260-5489
Dream Home Appraisal Jordan Kaufmann (306) 717-4231
Elite Home Inspections Dave Owens (306) 230-6921
Fortier Mattila Appraisals Ltd. David Fortier (306) 937-5073
Fortier Mattila Appraisals Ltd. Sandra Sarazin
Fortier Mattila Appraisals Ltd. Alexandra Scheidt
Fortier Mattila Appraisals Ltd. Richard Murray
Fortier Mattila Appraisals Ltd. Kristene Johnson (306) 371-9333
Fortier Mattila Appraisals Ltd. Cindy Hill (306) 381-5276
Fortier Mattila Appraisals Ltd. Karen Parmar
Fortier Mattila Appraisals Ltd. Pamela Connor (306) 450-7388
Fortier Mattila Appraisals Ltd. Geri Krelow
G. Lawson Real Estate Appraisals Gord Lawson (306) 260-6007
Gerein Appraisals Dan Gerein (306) 621-3194
Just North Of Appraisals Ltd. Kevin Fast (306) 930-1686
Korol Appraisals Ltd Josh Korol (306) 213-7137
M.I.T Appraisals Ltd. Chuck Taylor
M.I.T Appraisals Ltd. Darren Ingram
M.I.T Appraisals Ltd. Shelby Boomhower
M.I.T Appraisals Ltd. Dustin Wiebe
Machart Appraisals Kelly Machart (306) 831-7722
Parkland Appraisals Paul Hoffman (306) 641-9774
Pinnacle Appraisals Rosanne Wood (306) 737-3160
Pinnacle Appraisals Nikiah Wood (306) 531-3767
Precision Appraisal Services Mark Dean (306) 921-5445
Precision Appraisal Services Bill Eastcott (306) 921-9157
Revenue Canada R.E. Appraisal Timothy Ochitwa
Ring Appraisals Stephen Ring (306) 922-8484
Ring Appraisals Lynn Topping (306) 922-8484
Ring Appraisals Eric Jonasson (306) 960-3342
Riverside Appraisal Ltd Adam Vanjoff (306) 227-6150
Riverside Appraisal Ltd Jordan Vanjoff (306) 290-7260
Rutherford Appraisal Group Ken Rutherford (306) 307-1732
Rutherford Appraisal Group Gloria Schoettler (306) 307-1732
Rutherford Appraisal Group Daniel Reinbold (306) 307-1732
Suncorp Valuations Ltd. Jackie Thakore (306) 652-0311
Suncorp Valuations Ltd. Todd Adams (306) 652-0311
Suncorp Valuations Ltd. Caden Chalack (306) 652-0311
Suncorp Valuations Ltd. Kaylyne Derksen (306) 652-0311
Suncorp Valuations Ltd. Laura Pugh (306) 261-4469
Suncorp Valuations Ltd. Roxanne Harriman (306) 652-0311
Suncorp Valuations Ltd. Jana Okrainetz (306) 652-0311
Suncorp Valuations Ltd. Zac Garthus (306) 652-0311
Suncorp Valuations Ltd. Regan Pearson (306) 652-0311
Suncorp Valuations Ltd. Mitchell Nemeth
Suncorp Valuations Ltd. Kathy Ryde
Suncorp Valuations Ltd. Leslie Evans
Suncorp Valuations Ltd. Marion Lanski
Suncorp Valuations Ltd. Samantha Nagthall (306) 850-6560
Suncorp Valuations Ltd. Stacey Nordick (306) 287-7089
United Appraisals Carol Gyoerick (306) 961-4137
Warkentin Appraisal Services John Warkentin (306) 741-7712
Warkentin Appraisal Services Darrel Mitchell (306) 625-7088
Warkentin Appraisal Services Megan M. Simmons
Western Appraisals David Gubbe (306) 441-6141

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